"Double Defense" DD Cream

Ceres DD Cream 30 ml; SPF45 UVA/UVB provides high protection against the detrimental effects of sunrays. Beside this, it is designed as a helping production for protecting from external factors by balancing the collagen and elasticity in the body, by moisturizing the boy deeply and intensively, for equalizing the skin tone by preventing the skin spot occurrence.

It prevents the skin spot appearance, protects the original color of the skin and removes the hyperpigmentation (skin spots) by affecting the melanin occurrence with Arbutin and vitamin complex it contains. It shows anti-aging effect with Beta Glucan and Vitamin E, it supports the cell renewal by balancing the collagen and elasticity in the skin. Protective film layer it forms protects the moisture of the skin. It provides softness and smoothness of the skin with its rich moisturizing ingredients .It provides a shiny and healthy appearance for the skin. It is suitable for using as a covering product before make up and also as its own with its closer feature.



  • Spf45 Uva/Uvb Hıgh Protectıon Factor
  • Sun Screen Effect Wıth Broad Spectrum
  • Hıghly Moısturızıng Effect
  • Neutralızes Skın Tone
  • Antı-Dark Skın Spot
  • Antı Aging
Scope of Application
* Face * Decolatte * Neck
User Instructions
Apply to clean skin thoroughly. To use sun screen effectively, should be applied 20 minutes before facing with sun. It should be reapplied after swimming, over sweating and wiped off.
  • Arbutin & Vitamin Complex; Prevent skin spots and preserve the natural color of skin by diminishing the melanin synthesis causing skin spots.
  • Beta Glucan; Shows anti-aging effect. Supports cell renewal by balancing the collagen and elasticity. Preserves the moisture in skin.
  • Vitamin E; Serves as an antioxidant. Diminishes the effects of free radicals on skin and provides moisture.
  • D-Panthenol & Glycerin; Helps maintain the elasticity and softness of the skin with its deeply moisturizing effect.
  • Green Tea Extract; Serves as an antioxidant. Helps delay aging of the skin.