"Effective Series" Regenerative Cream/Lotion

It is improved for worn out skins, as a helping product for overcoming excessive dryness and preventing skin irritation and restructing skin barrier.

Revulsions due to external factors; temperature changes, applications for care(peeling,laser applications, etching Operations, depilation) and applications with injection (dermarols ,dermatherapy,permanent makeup and tattoo) lead to skin dyness,redness,irritation and destruction.In order not to cause permanent damage after these applications, using suitable product for the skin protection.

Because of this Ceres Regenerative Cream /Lotion is improved as suitable for these purposes. It supports cell renewal by balancing the collagens and elasticity .It helps to soothe the body by reducing destructions with its enriched formula and Beta Glukan, Vitamin A, E, F, D-Panthenol it contains. It supports the restruction of the skin by increasing the collagen and elastin synthesis .It provides softness to the skin and smooths the skin. It provides a healthy and shiny skin.

RegenerativeRegenerative Lotion 200 ml / Regenerative Cream 50 ml / 10 ml


  • Restorates
  • Moistens
  • Removes Blushes
  • Reduces Irritation
  • Prevents Erythema
  • Nourishes And Rotects The Skin
  • Anti - Irrigant
Scope of Application
* Extensive Medıcal Aesthetıcs Treatments * Laser Epıllatıon * Skin Peeling
* Spot Treatment With Laser * Dermaroller * Tattoo
* Depıllatıon * Peeling * Sunburn
* After Varicosis Treatment * Body Lotion For Skin Dryness
User Instructions
It can be used as 1 times in a day or 2 times if necessary.

Beta Glucan; It is produced by Avenecare (avena beta glucan) Sweden Biovelop International EU with a completely natural, patented technology and it does not contain any chemical substances. It is a natural active protecting and soothing the skin.

  • Freshens the skin and increases its firmness by stimulating collagen synthesis.
  • Helps to reduce the thin lines and wrinkles.
  • It shows moisturizing, soothing and smoothing effect
  • It stimulates rapid wound healing and natural healing period.
  • Protects against the damages caused by UV rays.
  • It is hypoallergenic and baby friendly

D-Panthenol; It is a deep diffusing moisturizer, stimulates epithelialization.

Oilconcentrate T-2; As a collagen and elastin stabilizer, by stimulating cell regeneration activity helps cell renewal. It supports the renewal and natural restruction of the skin in worn out skins (suntans, dry and worn out skins)

  • According to clinical studies Ceres Regenerative Cream /Lotion; with the active it contains, reduces the skin irritation %40 in 8 hours and %50 in 24 hours.