Ceres Slimming & Firming Anti- Cellulite Body Cream 200 MLmakale sellit nedir nasl oluŸur

Eating disorders, not getting enough liquids, decrease in the activities of the metabolism and circulatory system, cigarette and alcohol addiction, genetic susceptibility and decrease in physical activities, causes weight problem and occurrence of cellulite. Ceres Slimming & Firming Anti- Cellulite Body Cream prevents the occurrence of cellulites with the active substances it contains and smooths the body by firming.

Ceres Slimming & Firming Anti- Cellulite Body Cream is used for preventing, reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming the body. The substances Ceres body cream contains:

Carnitin: It provides breaking of the fats by increasing the body temperature.

Caffeine: It helps the neat and smooth appearance of the skin by breaking down the fat cells.

Genistein: It helps to activating the collagen production which decreases in time and firming, tightening of the body.

Plantafluid: It increases cell renewal, supports the collagen production. Causes the smoothing and slimming of the skin

Spirulla: It causes the dissolution of the fat deposits in restructing with its firming effect. Tightens the skin and causes its getting into shape again.

According to clinical studies, it is reported that Ceres Slimming & Firming Anti- Cellulite Body Cream with the active substances it contains, like Carnitin, Caffeine, Genistein, Plantafluid and Spirulla causes

  • %41 increase in smooth skin,
  • %57 increase in skin elasticity ,
  • -3,8 slimming around the leg,
  • %37 decrease at the level of cellulite.

Manner of application

It should be applied once in a day, by massaging the clean skin. It is advised for the ones doing sport to apply 15 minutes before starting sport.

It doesn't contain paraben and perfume.

It is not tested on animals

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