"Body Care" Slimming, Firming and Anti Cellulite Cream

Ceres Slimming, Firming, Anti-Cellulite Body Cream: Agents in its content and their synergistic effects penetrate the skin and breaks up fat accumulation, stimulates the blood circulation and cell regeneration. Plays an important role in smoothing and slimming of the skin with its firming effect and collagen production.

It is used for reducing and preventing the cellulites appearance and firming the skin.

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  • Tightens
  • Firms
  • Removes Cellulites
  • Break Ups Fat Accumulations (Carnitin)
  • Smoothens The Skin (Caffein)
  • Activates Collogen Production (Genistein)
  • Strains The Skin (Genistein)
  • Fastens Cell Renovation And Blood Circulation (Plantafluid)
  • Regains Skin Form (Spirulla)
Scope of Application
* Cellulite Formations At Legs-Arms-Stomach-Hips-Knee Sides And Vairous Parts Of The Body * Tawolling At Bagel Area * Tawolling At Back
* Prolapses At Body * Slimming Treatments * For The Skins That Lost Their Elasticy And Firmness
User Instructions
It should be applied on the clean skin 1 time in a day. Using 15 minutes before starting to sport is recommended for the ones who are doing sport. During tightening treatments at clinics; after cavitations procedure, it is absorbed into the skin by making hand massage for 5 minutes. At the treatments except for cavitation device, it is absorbed into the skin by making massage with the device in the last 5 minutes of the treatment. Immediately after the treatment, blemishes and famication is occurred on the skin; if it continues for a long time, please stop using the product.

Carnitine; Boosts the body energy and breaks up the fat.

Caffeine; Helps skin look smoother and brighter by breaking up the fat accumulations.

Genistein; Helps skin look firm and stretched by activating the collagen production decreased in time.

Plantafluid; Accelerates the cell renewal, supports the collagen production. Makes skin smooth and thin.

Spirulla; With its firming effect breaks up the fat accumulations in reconstruction process. Helps skin look firm and brings back its form.